Automation in 2020 – Beyond Drip Campaigns

Marketing automation has traditionally meant creating drip campaigns and tagging customers into segments. It’s time to challenge what automation means and how to create true business automation.

How to Predict Customer Behavior using AI

Predicting customer behavior can be easy if you are analyzing your customers and leads. Using advanced segmentation, you can predict how your customer will respond in a number of scenarios including churn, offers, upsells and more.

Becoming AI-Driven in 2020

AI is still in the very early stages of adoption at most companies or a ‘wish list’ item for others.

For even more companies it’s a source of confusion – what is AI, what does it do, how can I leverage it for my business, and how can I prepare?

What is AI Marketing

AI Marketing

Most people think AI-driven marketing is in the distant future. AI can help companies market better, understand their customers and predict the future.

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive Analytics is the ability to predict the probability of an event based on past data. Predictive Analytics uses math to predict an answer.

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