Campaign Intelligence

Use AI and Analytics to identify which campaigns are working and which campaigns are burning cash.

Predict ROI on campaigns and A/B test campaigns and campaign settings.

See your campaign changes over time to quickly identify what's working and what's not.

Segment Intelligence

Identify what segments create the most value over time and see what demographics and psychographics lead to conversions.

Quickly see what lead sources are bringing in which customer segments.

Content Intelligence

Identify which SEO articles and social media posts are bringing in customers.

Correlate which content leads to conversions.

Predict the ROI on every post, page, and tweet.

How it Works


Campaign Intelligence

Better ROI on Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Import

Get a single view of your marketing spend across platforms.

Keyword Analysis

Identify keywords that convert and the CPA for every keyword. Kill keywords that waste your marketing budget.

Predict Results

Use AI to predict Campaign ROI and predict A/B testing results faster.

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Segment Intelligence

Find Better Customers


Use AI to create intelligent customer segments based on demographics, psychographics, and engagement.

KPI Analysis

Intelligent Dashboards display the KPIs for each customer segment and make it easy to see revenue, CPA, ROI, Retention and more.

Conversion Drivers

Easily identify the leadsources, content, and behavior that drives conversions for every segment.

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Content Intelligence

Create Better Content

Website Activity Import

Quickly see the website activity for converting traffic to gain insights and identify patterns.

Content Analysis

Identify the social media platforms, SEO keywords and content that drive conversions.

Sentiment Analysis

Use AI to determine sentiment on content and overall brand sentiment.


Our mission is to enable companies of any size to leverage AI for their Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. We believe in helping companies do more with less.

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