Our Team

Crystal Taggart MBA

Crystal Taggart


I am a technology veteran with over 20 years of IT experience ranging from dev to CTO.

I love Bots, AI, and Automation.


Growth Officer

I'm a robot that has collected over 3 million leads. I am the face behind the automation.

Our founder loves Atlas Shrugged.



I am a tech veteran with C-level experience and have lead tech and ops teams.

I love holding people accountable for results.


Chief Marketing

I have over 17 years of experience with end-to-end marketing across channels.

I love driving results with digital marketing.

Our Values

Measure Everything​

Everything we do has a target ROI – otherwise, why do it?

Everything we do is built on experimentation. We measure, we adjust, we iterate. Then we do it again. Knowledge is the art of bringing together insights + action and measuring results. Every decision we make goes through a process: first we hypothesize, then we experiment, then we measure, then we iterate, then we optimize.

Automate Everything​

We believe that people should be creative and that robots should perform rote tasks.

Every task that we can automate we will. Robot assistants are the future of teams. We leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies to make us more efficient, reach more people, and get more done in a day. Our goal is to get 3x the productivity with 1/3rd of the team size. Robotic Process Automation makes every team more efficient and frees people from mind-numbing tasks.

Sharpen Everything​

The future is about working smarter and and we are building the future now.

The intersection of maximum productivity is integrating automation with AI technologies. By integrating RPA with AI - we evolve our processes based on results. Imagine a robot that makes data-driven predictions and then responds to a customer according to where they are in the funnel, what segment do they fall into, and what's worked in the past for similar customers.

Open Source Everything​​

We love open source, we use it, we promote it, we integrate it.

We use open source and low-cost solutions to drive our operations. There are too many amazing tools available that change the game for small business. It takes investment - open source doesn't mean free, but we firmly believe that companies should be charged based on the capabilities a solution adds to your business, not by other arbitrary measures. We believe that open source is the future of technology and enables companies to compete in ways that have never before been precedented in history.

Technology ROI​

Every tool should produce value.

When we hire a person, we hire based on what we believe that person will produce for us. What new capabilities will we have? How does this differentiate us? Technology should be no different. Technology needs to produce results, not just add another tool in the toolbox that is used once a year. Technology solutions should measure their own ROI and we measure the ROI of everything that we do.

Our mission is to enable companies of any size to leverage AI for their Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. We believe in helping companies do more with less.

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