What is AI Marketing

AI Marketing helps companies use artificial intelligence technologies to get better insights into your visitors, prospects, leads, and customers and then personalize the marketing and customer journey for customer segments, micro-segments, or individuals.


AI can help companies predict an outcome. AI can answer questions such as probability a customer converts, which ads convert best, which customers are likely to churn, and which customers have the most value.


AI can help companies identify patterns within large amounts of data. AI can answer questions such as what demographics lead to the highest value customers, what behaviors indicate good (and bad) customers, what micro-segments should you be targeting. AI can help companies identify what content and keywords lead to conversions and can recommend content that converts.


AI can help companies understand and automate responses to reviews, questions, and service requests without a person being involved. AI can help companies analyze their competitors to see how they rank. AI can help companies measure sentiment quickly and easily and quickly respond to negative reviews. 


AI can help companies personalize the customer journey and create customized content and engagement based on individual interactions with the customer. AI can gather intelligence about the company, people, and their competitors to help sales and marketing address their specific needs.


AI can help companies automate tasks that are currently being done by a person. AI Bots can help companies identify and market to high quality leads. AI Bots can be used to scrape data, rank information across the web and present it to a person to act upon.


Some common use cases include:


  • Predicting Churn: When a high probability of churn is predicted, a bot can send an individual a special offer or re-engage the customer.

  • Recommender Systems: As a visitor engages with your online content, an AI-driven recommender system can promote micro-content that converts based on their behaviors.

  • Finding and Personalizing an Offering: An AI Bot can scrape websites to find companies similar to their best customers and provide an offering that meets a customer’s unique needs. 

  • Gathering Intel: An AI Bot can gather intelligence on a customer quickly and easily from multiple public sources such as websites and social media accounts to get a quick view into that company, how active they are, and the sentiment of their interactions.

  • Email Personalization: An AI bot can send personalized content that is identified based on the interactions and customer journeys.

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