About Crystal Taggart, MBA

Founder, Atlas AI

I am passionate about AI-enabling companies of any size.
I have over 20 years of technology experience ranging from development to leadership and management.
I am the author of 4 books and another in progress.

Learning about AI and Marketing - My Favorite Resources

Available Now! The AI Revolution - The Future of Profit

The AI Revolution - The Future of Profit
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Coming Soon! Marketing AI: 90 Days To AI-Driven

Coming Soon
Marketing AI: 90 Days to AI-Driven
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Learning AI: Online Classes

Machine Learning A-Z is a fantastic introduction to AI and includes useful practical examples on how to use AI.
Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Class is another great introduction to AI algorithms and the math behind it.

Sales and Marketing: Books

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg (there's an excellent summary on Medium)
The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

Our mission is to enable companies of any size to leverage AI for their Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. We believe in helping companies do more with less.

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