What is predictive analytics?

Will a customer convert or cancel after a free trial period? Will they renew their annual subscription? Will a customer purchase an upgrade or upsell? If I upsell a specific product, will they respond? Will a customer with these demographics purchase my product? Will they click on this link? Is … Read More

How KPI Dashboards Create Great Digital Marketers

KPI’s are measurable results over a defined timeframe that indicate whether the business is achieving its goals. A common KPI example is unit sales by week compared to the company’s sales goal. Typically it’s stated as a % of goal (e.g., the difference between this week’s sales and the weekly goal, divided by the weekly goal). However, KPI’s measure more than sales performance alone.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Customer Care Based on Customer Data

Not all customers are created equal.
What if we stopped pretending that everyone is the same? Should you treat someone who’s been a loyal customer of yours for years the same as a person who just signed up and then bad-mouthed your company on Twitter? We all want to be known for amazing customer support, but the fact is that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to help everyone with impeccable service.

In many cases, we treat the squeaky wheel better than our loyal high-valued customers.

We live in an age where mass personalization and customization is just within our reach.