Types of Insights

Ready to make well-informed decisions?  Ask Atlas AI to answer some of the most difficult marketing questions. You'll get actionable insights that are only made possible through the power of predictive analytics and machine learning.  Hover to learn more about the type of data required to get started.

Segment Analysis

How do your segment demographics predict conversion and retention?

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For B2C marketing, segmentation is predicted using attributes such as gender, age, income, and psychographics. For B2B marketing segments can be predicted using company size, industry and job title.
We integrate to several data enrichment platforms so you can get detailed insights into your prospects, leads, and customers.

Retention Analysis

What are the characteristics of your loyal customers?  Which ones are likely to churn?

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With machine learning - you can predict key indicators of customer satisfaction and predict churn before your customer cancels.

Website Analysis

Which combinations of lead sources and web pages perform the best?

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Using detailed website analytics - you can determine the specific actions that helped establish buying behavior.

Sentiment Analysis

What are your customer sentiment trends by topic on Twitter and Facebook?

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With the right tracking in place - you can quantify how many leads converted with a single tweet.

Market Basket

Which products are trip drivers to your store?  Which should be recommended together? 

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Quickly and easily identify what products should be recommended together.

Support Analysis

What are the most common problems that cause support tickets and cancellations?

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Painlessly identify the primary issues causing customer satisfaction issues and churn.

Campaign Analysis

What are the real click-through rates, qualified leads, and ROI metrics for your ad campaigns?

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Predict campaign ROI and dial your campaigns to attract the best customer segments.

KPI Dashboard

How can you easily evaluate all of your customer KPI's to make real-time marketing decisions?

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Create a single dashboard across multiple systems to drive marketing, operations, and strategy.