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Can your marketing platform answer these questions?

Campaign Analytics

Which ad campaigns are wasting my budget?

ROI Prediction

Which channels and campaigns have the highest ROI?

Ad Experimentation

When I tweak this audience, how does it affect my cost per acquisition?

Open Source

Unlimited users and an extensible framework.

Content Intelligence

Which keywords drive conversions?

Optimize Investments

If I invest more on content marketing, how does that affect my SEO and conversion rates?


Which customer segments drive the most revenue?

AI Driven

Better insights and better automation with AI-driven processes.

Intelligent Automation

What can be predicted or automated?



Predict the ROI on every marketing page, post, email, and tweet.


Predict customer sentiment on both public and private channels.


Identify the key demographics and psychographics that predict conversions.

Lead Score

Predict lead score based on segment and engagement.


Identify recommended content and calls-to-action that convert.


Predict probability of churn from segment, sentiment, and engagement data.


Customer Intelligence

Scrape intelligence from public and paid information sources.


Create personalized emails, landing pages, and content based on engagement and customer intelligence data.

Campaign Optimization

Identify optimal keywords and audiences that covert.


Create Chat and Intelligent Agents that automate tasks and engage customers.


Create proactive support based on customer activity.


Automate referral and upsell calls-to-action via messaging or email.

Our mission is to enable companies of any size to leverage AI for their Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. We believe in helping companies do more with less.

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